Commercial Review

Market-leading commercial property environmental due diligence report

Commercial Screening

A low cost commercial environmental search report designed to assist solicitors

Commercial Floodview

Comprehensive, authoritative and accessible data for flood risk assessments

Commercial Data

A report combining the fullest environmental datasets, including those of the EA, the BGS and GroundSure

Commercial PlanView

A comprehensive local planning report, providing key intelligence on upcoming development schemes

Commercial SiteGuard

Enables a definitive opinion to be formed on the impact of possible contamination on a site’s valuation

Residential Homebuyers

Allows you to identify the risks contaminated land may pose to your client’s residential purchase

Residential Flood Report

A unique property report providing in-depth and comprehensive analysis of surface water and ground water flooding risk

Residential Planning

Comprehensive insight into current and future developments and planning applications for a local area

Residential Ground Stability

Highlight the potential risks from subsidence that could affect your client’s residential property transaction

Japanese Knotweed

This report will assist commercial property advisers in identifying risks presented by Japanese Knotweed and therefore alert them to further enquiries or assessments that might be appropriate.

Coal Reports

A commercial property coal mining search report for non-domestic properties or properties where development is planned

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